Adverse Credit

Life happens! But adverse credit doesn’t always have to stop you from getting a mortgage. There are 100’s of lenders out there, all with different approaches to credit history and credit scoring.


What is adverse credit?

Adverse credit also referred to as bad credit relates to several things such as:

  • Missed payments on credit cards, loans, utilities, and credit agreements
  • Defaults on credit 
  • County Court Judgements (CCJ’s)
  • Debt management plans
  • IVA’s/Bankruptcy Orders


And although it may not be as simple to a secure a mortgage if you’ve had some form of bad credit, it could still be possible to buy a house or remortgage with a history of bad credit.

Lender options, loan to value and products may be more limited however depending on how long ago the credit issues were, it could still be possible to secure a high street mortgage and potentially even up to a 95% mortgage.

What to do if you think or know you have an adverse credit history?

First thing we would recommend as your mortgage broker is to download a copy of your credit report especially if you’ve been declined a mortgage.

Check my file is our preferred report as this shows the 3 main credit reference agencies that lenders use to make their lending decisions. However, you can also download credit reports from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion.

We can then assess your credit history and advise on the right mortgage for your circumstances, whether that’s a high street mortgage, bad credit mortgage or specialist mortgage.


Too many people focus on their credit score and think if its too low they can’t get a mortgage or if its high it guarantees them a mortgage. Ignore your score!

Lenders use the information contained on your credit report to make their own decisions. And although your credit score can be an indication of your chance of being accepted for a mortgage, It’s more about the conduct on your credit file. Do you make payments on time? Are you on the voters role? Do you manage your credit well or: do you frequently miss payments, rely on payday loans, use large amounts of credit?

Mortgage Brokers for bad credit

As we have access to a comprehensive panel, with many High Street and specialist lenders. We have a number of options available for those with credit issues.We have specialists who will assess your credit history and recommend the most suitable mortgage for you and if we are unable to help right now we will work with you to get you in the best position to secure a mortgage.


Start your journey to a new house and get a decision today!

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