Critical Illness Cover


It wont happen to me! But it does. Ensure your family are protected in the event of the unexpected.

Critical illness cover is a form of insurance policy that pays the insured a lump sum of money following a diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and more…  


Critical illness cover

Cover for illness and injury that prevents you from working

If you are diagnosed with an illness or suffer a serious or life-changing injury, critical illness cover pays you a tax-free lump sum of money.

Because of advances in medicine, you are more likely than ever to survive a critical illness. However, you may be unable to work for a while, or ever again. This can put a huge strain on your family and make it hard to keep up with your payments.

At Blue Crocodile, we get to know you, so we can find the perfect cover for you and your personal situation. Our experienced financial advisors will find you a policy at a level of price and cover that makes you feel comfortable.

Critical illness cover is important for you if:

You wouldn’t be able to live off your savings if you fell ill or became disabled.
Your employer won’t cover you for long periods off work due to illness.Critical illness cover helps you pay for your things like your mortgage, rent and any debts. It’s also very useful for helping you pay for alterations to your home that you might need, like wheelchair access ramps and medical equipment.

Examples of critical illness include:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Certain types and stages of cancer
  • Conditions such as multiple sclerosis

Most policies also consider permanent disabilities as a result of injury or illness

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