Let To Buy

It’s possible to keep hold of your existing home, rent it out to tenants, and buy a new property for yourself. It’s called Let-to-buy.


Let to buy

There is huge demand for rental property and you may be able to let out your home for a lot more than your monthly mortgage payments.

Let to buy has other advantages:

      • If you need to move but are struggling to sell your house then it could be the perfect answer
      • You won’t get caught up in a house-selling chain
      • You can sell your property later, at a time to suit yourself, or when its value has risen
      • Your property could be an investment for the future

Letting to buy might seem more complicated than selling one property to buy another – and remember, you still have to secure the funds for your new home.

Finding the right Let-to-buy mortgage lender is not always an easy task.

Some lenders require you to do both applications with them, others can only deal with one part of the transaction. Some require both transactions to complete at the same time whereas others allow you time to find your dream home.

Let to Buy mortgages

Let to Buy mortgages include 2 different mortgages. The remortgage of your current house to a buy to let mortgage and then your new residential mortgage on your house purchase.

You can also release money to use as your deposit for your purchase, so you don’t have to find that deposit again if you have enough equity.

There are a few different moving parts when it comes to let to buy and finding the right mortgage and managing the whole process can be twice as stressful.

That’s where we can help, our experts see this transaction all the time and are on hand to walk you through everything and help you decide whether let to buy is for you and if it is find you the 2 cheapest mortgage options.

Keep hold of your property and buy your next home

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