Self Build

You have your grand designs, now all you need is a mortgage!



Imagine you’ve found the perfect location to build your dream home, now you must sort out the finances.

Finding the right advice and the best mortgage product isn’t always easy. Standard mortgages are complicated enough, but you need a self-build one.

A self-build mortgage depends on all sorts of additional factors.

How much do you think the whole project will cost?

Do you have planning permission?

What are your current financial commitments? Have you somewhere to live in the meantime?

The size of the deposit, rates and terms vary depending on the answers you give to these questions. The money will be released in stages – but when is best for your circumstances?

One of the advantages of a self-build mortgage is the potential to save thousands of pounds in stamp duty. Stamp duty isn’t levied on the cost of building work, or the value of the property once the work has been completed. You only have to pay stamp duty on the value of the land itself, and only then if the cost exceeds £125,000.

Self-builders also often find that the value of the finished property is significantly higher than the cost of the land, the materials and the labour put together.

Contact us and we can make sure you can rest easy. Your chosen adviser will be able to find you a range of self-build mortgages so that you can select the ideal way to finance your dream project.

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